Are you an RMYC alumni looking for a job?

Here are some helpful resources:

Job searching takes time and diligence as well as a thorough a resume/CV and cover letter. Download this list of resources and organizations to get you started.

Did you know there is a growing national network of employers that give preferential hiring to AmeriCorps Alumni?  Check out the list.

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps also has established partnerships with local employers, that give preference when hiring – just let them know you are an RMYC Alumni!

Public Land Corps Hiring Authority is preferential treatment for getting hired onto federal agencies like the Forest Service, Park Service, and Fish and Wildlife Service.  


Do you have questions about your

AmeriCorps Education Award?

After successfully completing your AmeriCorps term of service and enrolling in the National Service Trust, you are eligible to receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. You can use the award to repay qualified student loans and to pay current educational expenses at eligible institutions of higher education and training programs. Visit the AmeriCorps Education Award website for more information.


How to get your AmeriCorps Education Award:

First, you need to successfully complete a term of service with RMYC.  This includes completing all your AmeriCorps service hours and successfully graduating from the Corps.

After you graduate, RMYC will notify AmeriCorps that you have earned your award and it will become available for you to use within 6 weeks of graduation.

You will access your award through My AmeriCorps, you sent up an account during your term at RMYC and should have a username and password already. 

How to use your AmeriCorps Education Award:

Use the Award to pay for school, pay off a school loan, or to pay other qualifying costs.

The amount of Award money one receives is based on the Pell Grant, and changes from year to year. It also changes based on your term of service (300 – 1700 hours). The longer the service term, the higher the award amount.

You can use your award to pay for “tuition, books and supplies, transportation, room and board, and other expenses, both in foreign and domestic schools.” You can also repay qualified student loans with the Education Award. Also, AmeriCorps will pay all or a portion of the interest that accrued on your qualified student loan during your service. As long as the school is Title IV, you’re good to go. Learn more.

Important information about your Award:

    • You have to use your Award within a 7 year period, otherwise it goes back to the federal government. You can apply for an extension under special circumstances. 
    • You can transfer the Award to another person in your family under special circumstances.
    • The Education Award is considered taxable income the year you use it, regardless of whether it is used to pay current educational costs or to repay qualified student loans.
    • Some schools will match or extend your education award.

Other ways to use your award:

If you’ve already paid for school or are looking at other educational routes to take, there are lots of other uses for your Award. Here are a few ideas: 

National Outdoor Leadership School

All NOLS courses, from immersive wilderness expeditions to classroom-based wilderness medicine courses, are designed around learning by experience, mentorship from expert educators, and wilderness. Students finish their outdoor education courses inspired and empowered to act as leaders in their community. NOLS’ mission is to be the leading source and teacher of wilderness skills and leadership that serve people and the environment. This includes everything from wilderness medicine, to expedition training, to becoming an outdoor educator.

Outward Bound

Outward Bound USA is the leading provider of outdoor education programs that allow young people to explore their personal potential through pushing boundaries. From expeditions in some of the most remote locations in the U.S. to programs in local schools and neighborhoods, young people nationwide are cultivating a passion for learning, and discovering greater success in school, work and life.

Colorado Fire Camp

Colorado Firecamp’s mission is to protect life, preserve communities, and conserve America’s wildland resources by training students for suppression of wildfire, mitigation of wildfire risk, and stewardship of forests and grasslands. They provide the necessary tools and training to become a wildland firefighter.


Arie Backcountry Medicine

Aerie is a Missoula, Montana-based organization, providing wilderness and front-country medical training for MDs, RNs, PAs, and EMTs as well as outdoor enthusiasts with no prior medical training. Their main focus is wilderness medicine at various levels, as well as wildland fire training and certifications.

Looking for your W-2?

Interview with 2019 RMYC Alumni,

Zach Darden

Zach is currently working full time with Albuquerque Open Space while studying for his undergraduate degree in Geography. One day he hopes to be a planner and work for an Organization like Open Space or the Forest Service, so he’s also shadowing with a USFS representative to learn about their GIS work.

How did the Corps get you where you are today?

RMYC basically did everything for my connection with Open Space! They were our partners for two seasons which gave me an idea of the work they do and the people who are a part of the organization. As a Youth Ambassador with RMYC, I met Julie, the lead on Outreach with the Forest Service who helped connect me to the shadowing opportunity with the USFS GIS Technician. Basically, RMYC was a huge stepping stone for me and has helped me apply what I’m studying to the career field.

What was your funniest/most memorable memory at RMYC?

There are so many! Once we worked with Isleta Pueblo and had the honor of visiting the Pottery Mound archeological site. It was January, so the roads were really muddy, and “Bubba” the good ol’ RMYC suburban, got stuck and we had to push it out of the mud. As soon as it got out of the mud however, it got stuck in the arroyo… and then the mud…and then the arroyo. A tough but fun day. At RMYC, every single day was something new. There are so many memories it’s hard to choose just one.

What is a word of advice for a current member?

Definitely take advantage of the connections. RMYC can take you in a lot of directions – if you take advantage of the experience. Connect with your partners. Take advantage of the trainings and certifications. RMYC can connect you to so many opportunities in NM and probably around the world!

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