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RJ Swanteson-Franz
Urban Conservation Coordinator
I, like hopefully everyone else (say yes, please), have spent my life trying to figure out what I want to do with my grown-up life.  I spent years figuring out aspects of that doing lab and field work with various advisors at the University of New Mexico, as well as years of doing the “fun” things of lifeguarding, retail, and working at a climbing gym. After all that, I think I’ve finally found what will make me ‘tick’ here with the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps. I am splitting my time assisting RMYC with their busy seasons, as well as navigating the world of urban conservation policy and management with the Nature Conservancy. While I am always adjusting to being considered an adult (this has taken years and is an on-going process), I like to take a break from that by pursuing my love of “C” things: Cats, Cake, Cooking, Cleaning, Camping, Climbing, and Cycling.