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Curtis Maynard
Field Coordinator

Born under a bad sign in Burque, I was raised on David Attenborough and Indiana Jones. Needless to say the wanderlust came calling early. I could occasionally be found studying while attending Tulane University in New Orleans. In 2009, I spent a year abroad in Cairo climbing pyramids and haggling in dusty street markets. After graduating, I headed to Jordan where I spent seven months teaching English.

In need of a recharge, I returned to the homeland for some of that fine Chimayo red chili. The high road north took me all the way up to Taos where I ended up serving three seasons with RMYC. Inspired and invigorated, I headed to Texas where I climbed into arborist work. After 4 years climbing trees in TX and New Zealand, I am happy to be back in the homeland and back at RMYC. Ready to reconnect with my roots and inspire the next round of earth movers and shakers. When the moon is full I can be spotted shredding air guitar and strutting to the rock and roll sounds of Thin Lizzy.