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Greetings RMYC Partners!
Spring is in the air and this Corps is soaring! We havestarted the New Year off with some exciting news… We havere-initiated the After School Mentoring program. After along hiatus, due to a lack of funding, we have partneredwith Vista Grande High School and received a grant fromthe New Mexico Public Education Department to run twocrews of Vista Grande students as mentors for middle schoolstudents. As this program has long been a staple in the Taoscommunity we are honored to bring it back!
I would also like to take this moment to thank each donorfor participating in Rocky Mountain Youth Corps’ AnnualGiving Campaign. Your generosity helps further our missionin addition to strongly impacting our communities – thankyou! If you have not had an opportunity to submit yourgift – it’s not too late. I respectfully ask that you considermaking a contribution today. Our good work relies onyour support to help match federal grants in addition tosupporting much-needed programming throughout theyear. Our funding strategy weaves together many sourcesof money but the individual donations, like yours, is whatholds the stitches it all together.
For program updates, project details, job trainingopportunities or to make an online contribution, please visitour website at www.youthcorps.org and like us on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/RockyMountainYouthCorpsTaos.Thank you for caring and sharing.
Thank you for caring and sharing.

Benjamin Thomas
Executive Director, RMYC