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The Learning Lab is currently serving 8 local students, ranging from 13-15 years old. Essential Questions the students are studying in Language Arts and Social Studies this semester include: What is power and who has it?; Who gets what in our country and how?; How can people increase their own independence and power?; What does it take to overcome adversity?; and How can we learn to be tenacious and resilient? In math and science, students study at their own pace through an online curriculum. For their community service this semester students are training puppies with Assistance Dogs of the West, who will become service dogs for veterans and people with disabilities.

Additionally, the students support Taos’ local food bank once a week by preparing the food and helping people carry it to their cars. In the upcoming weeks, students will finish their class novel, “Freedom Writers” and give presentations about the US political parties (just in time for Election Day). The students are also preparing a short presentation to the Taos Municipal School Board about the Learning Lab program. Each student will end the semester with a 5 minute Presentation of Learning in front of an audience of parents, RMYC crewmembers and staff, and municipal school employees. As an individualized learning placement, the Learning Lab staff approach each students’ needs based on their own gifts and challenges. Some of the current students will stay in the Learning Lab for another semester while the rest will transition back to a traditional school environment.

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