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What type of position are you interested in?

  • All positions are paid through a living stipend or hourly wage
  • Education award available
  • Seasonal, crew-based position
  • Day and overnight camping schedule available
  • No previous experience required
  • Assistant Crew Leader positions available with experience
  • Year round staff, Seasonal staff and other staff level positions
  • Full-time and part-time, seasonal and permanent, exempt and nonexempt positions available
  • Professional experience required
  • All positions are paid through a living stipend or hourly wage
  • AmeriCorps education award available with most positions
  • Seasonal, individual placement position
  • Partner with a local land managing agency or non-profit to support their mission
  • Office-based position
  • Previous experience required
  • Positions available to qualifying students ages 14 to 21
  • Most positions are part-time after school and during the summer
  • Work with peers to train assistance dogs who will go on to help others in need
  • Learn valuable job skills and gain experience that will support your future career
  • Positions available to those who are pursuing a career in Public Health addressing substance misuse, ages 18 to 30
  • These are AmeriCorps positions and are part time
  • Receive a living stipend and an education award upon completion of a term of service
  • Work closely with school counselors to address substance misuse by youth
  • This is a “near-peer” mentoring program