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Now after 25 years of Making a Difference, you too can make a difference today: invest in the RMYC Endowment Fund!


In partnership with the Taos Community Foundation, and in honor of our 25th anniversary, we’re excited to announce the creation of our endowment fund, securing the future of the RMYC for the next 25 years…and beyond. In the face of economic challenges, poverty, and the climate crisis, our work is more important than ever. It’s our Corpsmembers who make the difference. We want to keep providing them the chance to do that; to keep giving them personal and professional opportunities they need. 

Dollar for dollar mach available for the first $15,000 with support from the Maddox Foundation.


An endowment fund gives us a predictable, stable source of income for the future. And it offers donors a permanent alternative (or complement) to annual giving. The fund is professionally administered by the Taos Community Foundation, with an administration fee of 1% and assets invested with Vanguard.


You can make a difference by donating money, land, and other assets, or by including us in your will. It’s simple to get started:

Find our page on the Taos Community Foundation website. Click the button below to learn more and donate:

Call Matthew Foster, RMYC Development Director, to discuss your gift: 575-770-8013

Spread the word: Tell your friends about our work and why they should be part of it!