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Rocky Mountain Youth Corps is a stepping stone to new opportunities. We inspire young adults to make a positive difference in themselves and their communities. Through training and service, Corpsmembers discover their potential for healthy, productive lives.

RMYC fulfills our mission through three programs that are designed to meet the specific needs of the diverse populations in northern and central New Mexico. Corpsmembers work in small crews to complete a variety of community development and public service projects while they complete their life skills and workforce development training. As an AmeriCorps program, RMYC’s Corpsmembers are paid a living stipend during their service and earn an education scholarship after they graduate from RMYC.

Corpsmembers in the Conservation Program work in small crews to complete a variety of land conservation, recreation and historic preservation projects that preserve natural and cultural resources and support the local economy. Some Corpsmembers in the Conservation Program serve on the American Sign Language Conservation Crew which offers a unique training curriculum to high school students who are deaf and hard of hearing. The ASL Crew may work on landscape improvement projects on school campuses or in urban parks in Sante Fe or on historic preservation projects at Salinas Pueblo Mission National Historic Park. RMYC also offers training opportunities to indigenous Coprpsmembers who work on a Native American Conservation Crew. Tribal members between 16 and 25 years old work on community development projects located on tribal lands. Their projects may include removing invasive fish species, building trials or restoring historic buildings in the traditional village at Taos Pueblo. One of the fastest growing programs in the Conservation Program is the Internship Crew. These Corpsmembers work alongside career professionals in government agencies to support them in managing land conservation projects and public education programs.

Other Corpsmembers serve in the Canine Leadership Program and train service dogs to support people living with a disability. We recruit students ages 11 to 19 who face systemic or structural challenges such as poverty, homelessness and physical, mental or behavioral disabilities. Many Corpsmembers in the Canine Leadership Program teach the dogs various commands in sign language. We partner with social service agencies, schools and businesses to recruit Corpsmembers and provide training and employment opportunities.

RMYC also manages the Prevention Program in close partnership with regional organizations, businesses, law enforcement and other government agencies to reduce the impacts of drug and alcohol misuse in Taos County. RMYC employs two Preventionists to design media campaigns and conduct surveys that help evaluate and inform drug and alcohol prevention programs. RMYC initiated the Pubic Health Crew earlier this year within the Prevention Program. This crew works with high school students to provide peer mentoring support and administer surveys to assess the perceived risks and impacts of substance misuse in the student population. They work with numerous agencies, community organizations and alcohol retailers to reduce the impacts of substance misuse through polity development, media campaigns and public education. 

Any requests for records related to Rocky Mountain Youth Corps’ civil rights compliance and/or information regarding complaints raised against RMYC’s  AmeriCorps programs can be sent here.