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Beautiful scenery, a quiet setting, and plenty of facilities make Hyde Memorial State Park for Santa Fe locals and out-of-state tourists alike. Located eight miles east of Santa Fe on the road to the Ski Basin, the park is vegetated mixed conifers, aspens, and shrubs. The canopy covers provides summer shade for numerous small mammals as well as campers, picnickers, wedding-goers, and hikers.

With Rocky Mountain Youth Corps’ help in the month of May, visitors now have more and better access to the 350-acre state park. Crews added 1.5 miles of new trail to the canyon bottom, including three 20’ walking bridges complete with crib boxes for a landing and harvested native timber for handrails. RMYC crewmembers also participated in multiple stone and wooden staircase construction projects that will contribute to a safer and more enjoyable hike for summer visitors at Hyde Memorial State Park.

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