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The Copper Hill area is located adjacent to BLM land and is within the Rio Trampas Watershed. This area is part of the larger forest landscape in the Penasco area of Taos County. 

The proposed treatments are a part of a larger landscape scale strategy. In fact, the proposed location is within the larger project area being treated through funding provided by the Rio Trampas Watershed Multi-jurisdictional Forest Restoration Project currently funded by a Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP) grant.

Thinning work on land in the Copper Hill / Las Trampas area will reduce tree density and hazardous fuel loads, reducing the risk of catastrophic fire to the community and allow historic fire processes to return to the landscape. In addition, fuel wood removed from these sites will be distributed to community members who will participate in Firewise presentations, allowing them to then implement these best practices for the protection of their own property.

The intent of this project is to continue fuels reduction activities on land directly adjacent to BLM land in order to support the combined efforts of these agencies and strengthen the potential for natural fire regimes to be reintroduced in the future. Direct benefits as a result of the proposed fuel treatment include reduced susceptibility to erosion and pathogens and support of understory expansion and future surface fires. The land will be less susceptible to catastrophic wildfire, thereby protecting the ecology from drought and fire related mortality

Funding for this program is provided by the National Fire Plan through Bureau of Land Management funds in cooperation with NMAC.