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A lesser know effect of the recent Borrego Mesa fire was the blocking of full closure of 24 miles of hiking and horse backing trails in the Pecos Wilderness. The erosion of soils and subsequent blowdown left many ridges and hillsides along the trail system impassable. However, with financial support from the National Forest Foundation and substantial support from Santa Fe National Forest personnel, RMYC was able to re-open those trails to the public.
The crew carries all the food and equipment they need to work and survive in a primitive camp four miles into the backcountry. Then, armed with axes and crosscut saws, crewmembers hike many miles clearing blow down (sometimes stacked five and six logs high!) and swaths of scrub oak that have grown over the trail. Often, the path is so overgrown, the crew has to pin flag a new route based on guidance from GPS units. They cross icy rivers, battle tics and blisters, and climb up and down steep ridges – all in the interests of providing more wilderness access.

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